Learning and teaching the Olympic lifts can be EASY!

In this course you will learn the Olympic lifts from the ground up. The snatch and the clean don't have to be lifts that only the top-level weightlifters can perform with good technique. EVERY thrower can learn the Olympic lifts and develop the incredible explosive power that comes along with them!
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Learning and teaching the Olympic lifts can be EASY!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Foundations of Weightlifting for Throwers
  • 2
    The Snatch
    • Learning the Snatch
    • Snatch Progression
    • Snatch Technique
  • 3
    The Clean
    • Learning the Clean
    • Clean Progression
    • Clean Technique
  • 4
    The Jerk
    • Learning the Jerk
    • Jerk Progression
    • Jerk Technique
  • 5
    The Squat
    • Learning the Squat
    • Why Squat Deep?
  • 6
    Common Errors In Weightlifting
    • Common Technical Errors
    • How to Properly Fail a Lift
  • 7
    Constructing a Program
    • Programming Basics
    • Olympic Lift Variations
    • Example Workouts
    • Lifting and Throwing Metrics
    • Equipment
  • 8
    • Peaking with Olympic Lifts
  • 9
    • Summary
    • Quiz

Course Features

Learn everything you need to know about executing good technique for the clean, snatch, jerk, and squat.

  • Progression videos that lead you step by step through how to work up to a full snatch or clean. Perfect for teaching groups of athletes the movement or self-coaching your own technique.

  • Learn what the body should be doing at each part of the lift, breaking down the technique into specific stages.

  • Implement the Olympic lifts into your strength programs with in depth explanations of how they should be programmed in general training and while peaking. Use our example program breakdowns for specific instruction.


  • Dane Miller

    Dane Miller

    Dane, owner of Garage Strength, has been coaching elite throwers for over 12 years, creating champions at every level including: - Two US National Champions​ - Five World Team Members and 2016 Olympian - Ten 60m discus throwers - Two 18.00+ female shot putters and a 21.50+ male shot putter - 12 All-Americans - 15 State Champions Dane has pulled his expertise from the best minds in throwing, sports performance, and strength training in the world to develop the most elite training system for throwers at every level. Dane is also an established USA Weightlifting coach with countless National Champions and World Team members.​