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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Week 1 - Basics of the Spin
  • 2
    Week 2 - The Back of the Circle
    • Day 8 - Winding the Shot
    • Day 9 - Shifting Over the Left
    • Day 10 - Opening the Left Knee
    • Day 11 - Opening the Left Arm
    • Day 12 - Getting the Right Leg Wide
    • Day 13 - Bringing It All Together
    • Day 14 - Danniel Thomas-Dodd Review
  • 3
    Week 3 - The Middle of the Circle
    • Day 15 - Getting the Right Foot Down
    • Day 16 - Getting Off the Left Foot
    • Day 17 - Keep the Left Foot Low
    • Day 18 - Stay on the Right Toes
    • Day 19 - Holding the Left Arm
    • Day 20 - Bringing It All Together
    • Day 21 - Tom Walsh Review
  • 4
    Week 4 - The Front of the Circle
    • Day 22 - The Transfer Leg
    • Day 23 - Throw the Left Arm
    • Day 24 - Right Should Around
    • Day 25 - Staying Grounded
    • Day 26 - Reversing
    • Day 27 - Finishing the Reverse
    • Day 28 - Joe Kovacs Review
  • 5
    Throwing PR's
    • Day 29 - Practicing
    • Day 30 - Competing

Course Features

  • Videos Everyday

    Every day for 30 days, Dane will walk you through what you should be focusing on at practice in the circle. We also include videos of EVERY exercise and drill that you will perform.

  • Simple Progression

    We make this spin as easy to learn as possible. We start out with extremely simple drills that anyone can perform. With this course, you will be able to take a full spin on day 1!

  • Drills

    The course is packed full of drills and exercises that you can implement into your practices to fine-tune your spin and be confident in your throw in no time!

Spinners From Throws U

They all started at DAY 1

PR 65'7

Jeff Kline

PR 65'7"

Jeff threw 38 feet his freshman year of high school. He added 18 feet onto his throw in one year to hit 56 feet by the end of his sophomore year and 65 feet by his senior year. How did he do it? He got thousands of reps in focusing on the SIMPLE fundamentals of the spin. It was once he got comfortable with the basics that he could truly add the strength and power he possessed into the throw!
PR 53'

Maria Deaviz

PR 53'

Maria came to us very powerful and very fast, but also very out of control in the circle. She lacked consistency in the throw which caused her to have big throws every now and then, but also a lot of "bad" days. We used a lot our best drills and throw variations with her to get her to have a COMFORTABLE, CONSISTANT, and CONFIDENT throw and become the best female throw Pennsylvania has ever seen.
PR 49'7

Ashlyn Giles

PR 49'7"

Ashlyn started out as a glider. She was comfortable with the glide and had a lot of people tell her to not risk hurting her distances by switching to the spin. Flash forward only 18 months and she not only PR'd her throw with the spin by 7 feet, but also won the Indoor National Championships with a very consistent throw!
PR 51'

Payden Montana

PR 51'

When Payden started to spin, the movement was awkward for her. She couldn't quite figure out the movement and often thought of switching back to the glide. However, after a month of focusing on the basics, she had a breakthrough in her throw and finally beat her glide PR in competition. Her throw took off from there and she became a multiple-time state champion.


  • Dane Miller

    Dane Miller

    Dane, owner of Garage Strength, has been coaching elite throwers for over 12 years, creating champions at every level including: - Two US National Champions​ - Five World Team Members and 2016 Olympian - Ten 60m discus throwers - Two 18.00+ female shot putters and a 21.50+ male shot putter - 12 All-Americans - 15 State Champions Dane has pulled his expertise from the best minds in throwing, sports performance, and strength training in the world to develop the most elite training system for throwers at every level. Dane is also an established USA Weightlifting coach with countless National Champions and World Team members.​