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What is the 30 Days To A Better Glide Course?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Week 1
  • 2
    Week 2
    • Day 8
    • Day 9
    • Day 10
    • Day 11
    • Day 12
    • Day 13
    • Day 14
  • 3
    Week 3
    • Day 15
    • Day 16
    • Day 17
    • Day 18
    • Day 19
    • Day 20
    • Day 21
  • 4
    Week 4
    • Day 22
    • Day 23
    • Day 24
    • Day 25
    • Day 26
    • Day 27
    • Day 28
  • 5
    Meet Prep
    • Day 29 (Pre-Meet)
    • Day 30 (Meet Day)

Course Features

  • Videos Everyday

    Every day for 30 days, Dane will walk you through what you should be focusing on in your training. We also include videos of EVERY exercise AND include additional resource videos.

  • Full Training Program

    The course includes a full training program including what weight shot puts to throw, how many and which types of throws to take, a full strength training program with special strength exercises, drills, mobility, and warm-up exercises.

  • Competition Prep

    The entire program leads up to your competition (or mock meet) where you will attempt a PR with the glide. Dane will coach you through every step of preparation to make you ready for a monster throw!

Gliders from Throws University

This course is based around the training we have implemented with all of our shot put gliders, including the following athletes:

Lucas Warning

Lucas Warning came to us as a Junior in high school barely throwing 40 feet with the 12 lb. shot. He trained with us for a year, threw 48ft with the 16lb shot, and convinced the coach at Lehigh University to let him join the team. At Lehigh, he continued to train with us, and ended up throwing 18.98m (over 62 feet) in college, becoming a Division 1 All-American. He continues to train with us with a current PR of 19.91m at only 6 feet tall!

Brylie Zeisneiss

Brylie trained almost identically to this course, being coached by Dane for the last two years of her high school career 100% online. Over those 2 years, she increased her throw with the glide from 37' to 48'10" earning a full ride to the University of Arizona.

Jason Coon

Jason has one of the most transformative throwing careers out of any of our athletes. His freshman year of high school, he threw 37 feet, and by the end of his senior year he threw 59'11", won a state championship, and earned a scholarship to Kansas State University.

Keeley Suzenski

Keeley proved that the spin isn't for everyone, and that the glide can be just as powerful as the spin. She threw 48'2" at New Balance Nationals for a silver medal. She earned a full ride to William and Mary to throw, and still competes with the glide in college!


  • Dane Miller

    Dane Miller

    Dane, owner of Garage Strength, has been coaching elite throwers for over 12 years, creating champions at every level including: - Two US National Champions​ - Five World Team Members and 2016 Olympian - Ten 60m discus throwers - Two 18.00+ female shot putters and a 21.50+ male shot putter - 12 All-Americans - 15 State Champions Dane has pulled his expertise from the best minds in throwing, sports performance, and strength training in the world to develop the most elite training system for throwers at every level. Dane is also an established USA Weightlifting coach with countless National Champions and World Team members.​


What are people saying about the course?

  • Great

    Tom Laverty

    Was absolutely amazing I improved 1.5 metres in the first two weeks but I'm frustrated that I had to stop because I started having an ingrown toenail.

    Was absolutely amazing I improved 1.5 metres in the first two weeks but I'm frustrated that I had to stop because I started having an ingrown toenail.

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